1. Alarm clock that goes off, usually the first thing in the movie
    Typically the opening to the movie.
  2. iPod
    Plays the opening song to the movie as our character runs around getting ready, after she realizes she is late.
  3. Band poster
    May contain band member she meets and ends up dating at the end of movie.
  4. Pictures of friends
    Friends will be featured later in movie.
  5. Strategically placed mess
    Because she's a ~typical~ teen.
  6. Mirror
    Our character looks into this before leaving, somehow having perfect hair and make up, even though she just woke up.
  7. Purse/Backpack
    The character runs out of the room, then runs back in to grab this. Classic comedy.
  8. Moving boxes*
    *this only applies if she's the new girl in town, looking to fit in.