Because we all are listening to 25, all day long, every day, right?
  1. There is not one famous person that I truly want to be friends with more than Adele.
    She really seems like she would be the most fun.
  2. Stop calling Adele fat.
    I know you are doing it in a positive way, celebrating the fact that she's an insanely talented and popular pop star and she's not a bag of bones, BUT she's also not fat. She used to be fat and now she is not fat. No, she's not skinny or even thin, but she's not fat. It's not that I want you to stop calling her fat because fat is a bad thing to be, it's just not accurate, she also is not short, and not brunette.
  3. Water Under The Bridge is totally late 80s Carly Simon.
    And I fricking LOVE IT.
  4. Adele, you're not old.
    Seriously, and it's not because I am 9 years older than you and I'm trying to not feel old, because I get it, I AM OLD. But you are 27, your album is titled 25, and you are singing all about when you were young, how you're not a kid anymore, how all that fun happened a million years ago and how you WERE scared of getting old, not ARE scared, but WERE. Either you time traveled to the land of Vodka and Dramatic Romance and lived an extra 10 years there or you had quite the life at 15 years old.
  5. Even though she's still young and only 27, we need a biopic!
    Because if even half the content on her albums is based on truths l can tell you now that it is already my favorite movie of all time.
  6. Adele is actually incredible beautiful, for real, as you can clearly see here.
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    She always looks beautiful, but she is a fan of that severe contoured look with fake lashes and liquid eyeliner and I'm not a fan of that because women just look like they have great makeup on and you can't quite tell what they really look like. This photo is so incredible because you can see how insanely beautiful she is, and I'm also crazy jealous that she looks incredible without makeup.
  7. The usage of the flip phone is solely to show off those nails, has to be.
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