1. If I look in the direction the train is supposed to come in from while I'm waiting on the platform, the train will magically appear much faster than if I don't.
  2. If I can JUST get around these three guys, meandering unaware of their surroundings, then my walk down 7th avenue in the 30s will be a fast paced straight shot.
  3. The crazy guy on the subway is not going to sit by me because there are a whole bunch of empty seats much farther away from myself.
  4. The crazy guy on the subway is not going to try to talk to me because I have ear phones in my ears and he can definitely see that I won't be able to hear him.
  5. It's Tuesday, it won't be busy.
  6. I have the whole day free, I can get these 4 things done, no problem
  7. I'm late, I'll take a cab, a cab will definitely be faster.
  8. Moving might suck, but if we have to pay higher rent it's a chance to find a nicer place with more space.