1. Is that @bjnovak ?
  2. I think that's BJ Novak.
  3. Yeah, that's him.
  4. He's cuter in person.
  5. Nice glasses, dude.
  6. I should say something to him.
  7. Why don't I have his book here with me?
  8. Why don't I have his book, period?
  9. I haven't even read @mindy Kaling's book yet!?!?
  10. I'm the worst.
  11. I haven't read any books since I moved to New York.
  12. The only time I have to read here is on the subway. Which means that I would accidentally end up in Queens or Coney Island on the regular.
  13. I wonder if BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling ever take the subway when they are here?
  14. So what's going on with them anyway, are they friends? Are they exes? Are they friendly exes? Are they friends with benefits? I really need to know.
  15. Ooh, maybe Mindy will come in here too!
  16. I really just want to be @IkeBarinholtz 's BFF, that's my main motivation here, let's get real.
  17. Aww, look at BJ Novak all concerned over his late train!!
  18. I should say something to him, he needs to know that someone in this room knows who he is and appreciates him!
  19. I did it! I told him I was a fan. He said "thank you" ......the end.