Who needs to THINK about Orientation Training while at Orientation Training?
  1. Spring Break
    The fall semester hasn't even started yet, but cheap airfare tickets have. Right now I'm thinking Iceland.
  2. How Incredible Orange Juice Is
    Seriously. Tropicana knows delicious morning beverages like I now know all about our athletics department.
  3. The Girl's Hair Across the Table From Me
    How does she get her bangs to stay like that??? I wonder if she colored it red herself or got it professionally done?? There's not even any slight frizz?
  4. My Orientees
    I hope they're cool. They'll be cool.
  5. Facebook's Algorithm
    I know I've been scrolling for two hours now, but I really don't need to see that kid from my middle school's Aunt's wedding. Or maybe I do.
  6. Harambe
    Rest in peace.
  7. How I Ended Up Here
    What in my life has brought me to this very moment? Sitting in a room of 113 kids learning about drug and alcohol safety for the 2000th time. Would my 6 year old self be proud of me? I just want her to be proud of me.
  8. Sleep
    It's 9am, can I go back to bed, yet?