The Places We've Celebrated My Husband's Birthdays Since Getting Married

AKA - he is so spoiled
  1. Hong Kong - though, to be fair, it was my business trip and he wasn't very excited about being a "lower Asian"
  2. Las Vegas - this was my grand attempt to make up for Hong Kong. No business trip. Just lots of drinking and debauchery. We stayed at the Trump hotel and saw Absinthe. Looking back, I feel a bit dirty and like I contributed to Trump's campaign fund. But it was still a great time.
  3. Caribbean cruise - ok, so a business trip got scheduled over his actual bday (not my fault!) but I left him a birthday present scavenger hunt and when I returned home a day later we went on a three day cruise. More drinking and debauchery. I even talked him into our first (and apparently last) couples massage.
  4. British Virgin Islands - this one probably takes the cake. The most beautiful suite, most beautiful view. We had the resort to ourselves because of a threatened hurricane than never arrived. Spent most of our time in a vast, empty stretch of the clearest and calmest ocean water. We drank pina coladas. It was amazing
  5. Boca Raton - this year we stayed in Florida. Drove three hours to the Waldorf and enjoyed more ocean views. No drinking for me, as I am FINALLY expecting. Still a lovely experience. Minus the jackass who keeps throwing cigarette butts on our over priced sun deck.
  6. Next year - TBD