Things My 10 Years Ago Self Would Be Surprised to Learn About My Present Day Self

This list is a work in progress
  1. That I have been to Asia 6 times. Or has it been 7? I've honestly lost count.
  2. That I have grown accustomed to flying in first class, so much so that I whine when I realize I haven't been upgraded. My old self rolls her eyes vigorously.
  3. That I live with four animals. Two of them cats.
  4. That I would be married 5 years before my first child would be born. I used to think that being married without children would be the most boring life ever. (not true, btw)
  5. That I accepted a leadership position that manages other people. Former self is all 😳 whyyyy would you do THAT??
  6. That my husband and I decided to start a business. While I am pregnant. And working full time. And traveling for work.
  7. That I STILL haven't taken up yoga on the regular. My ideal self is a yoga goddess. My real self counts walking as exercise.