Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. Those were the good old days
    Because we were cute and life at grandmas was too easy. If I could go back to anytime it would be days spent at my grandmas, I miss that amazing woman.
  2. Uncle dana
    What's better than an uncle Dana running down the street with a pin wheel.
  3. Little lady Addie
    Addie is proper lady
  4. Frat boy Doug
    I like this picture because 5 minutes before my dad (Doug) decided to throw a chicken wing at himself. That's why he's sporting the windbreaker.
  5. My life in one picture
    These two are my life. I miss there hairy little sassy bodies
  6. This one just makes me laugh
    The serious looks are deceiving. Rarely am I ever not smiling when I'm with these two.
  7. Fam
    The day one squad. Some of these jerks held me down and farted on my face when I was little. Or attempted to tickle me to my death. Some of these jerks never stopped farting on me or tickling me. But I still love them.
  8. My squad
    What happens as firefly stays at firefly
  9. Emma I can walk by myself
    The dog dish on my head helps with my balance
  10. My favorite people then
    Baby seesters
  11. My favorite people now
    Grown up seesters