Why I Like Being Alone

In lieu of finally understand myself and my actions
  1. I don't like feeling like i belong to some one
    I'm too much of a free spirit, or maybe impulsive is a better word
  2. I'm independent
    I learned at a young age that in order to get something done you have to do it yourself. I like doing almost everything by myself.
  3. Im a very focused individual
    I get that I set my self to almost unachievable standards but in my head I will never be good enough. There is and always will be room for improvement. This isn't my best quality but it keeps me motivated and gets me out of bed every morning.
  4. I like who I am
    My interests are complex, one minute I'll be destroying a bag of granola while expressing my thoughts on Buddhism. The following minute I'll be watching Fox News and quoting General Patton. I like various things and no one is going to change that.
  5. I'm stubborn
    I do what I want and I always will
  6. I keep my circle small
    I keep my circle of friends/supporters in a small knit circle because I really don't need that much attention.
  7. I'm not a good compromiser
    If I'm right, I'm right