1. Not having to set an alarm in the morning
  2. Taking a long shower in the morning, on a workday
  3. Opening the fridge and finding that there's breakfast food there that you don't have to cook or put together
  4. Knowing that your boss has a morning errand so you don't have to rush to the office
  5. Finding out that your "discoveries of the week" list Spotify gave you is actually pretty great
  6. Showing up really late to a concert and finding out the artist hasn't even arrived, so you're actually early
  7. Going to Madewell on a sunny Sunday afternoon
  8. Spending hours smelling the books at McNally Jackson
  9. When it's mid April and Game of Thrones is about to start
  10. Sitting on the grass at Randall's Island during the Governor's Ball
  11. The taste of lemonade in the summer
  12. The watermelon martinis at VBar
  13. The summer sale at Zara
  14. The sound of the "seat belts off" moment when you're just about to get off the plane (and you've just arrived somewhere really fun)
  15. The first page of a new book
  16. The chestnut praline latte at Starbucks during the holidays
  17. Buying new jeans in September
  18. Sheep Meadow in the summer
  19. The sound of your best friend's voice on the phone when you haven't talked to her in a long time
  20. Getting your hair washed at the hair salon
  21. The foot massage moment when you get a pedi
  22. The brief flush of air conditioner when you enter a store anytime during the summer
  23. White sangria, at any point in time
  24. When the bank spontaneously raises your credit limit
  25. Slipping into your bed when you've just changed the sheets
  26. The first time you use a plush new towel
  27. Putting on the aesop moisturizer
  28. Taking a ridiculously long nap on a Saturday afternoon
  29. The taste of water when you're really hungover
  30. Getting new pajamas
  31. The ice cream at Morgenstern's
  32. Finding money in your pants