1. Cinco de Mayo is most definitely NOT Mexico's Independence day.
  2. It's actually September 16th, a month were a majority of Latin American countries gained their independence from Spanish Colonialism.
  3. Cinco de Mayo IS about La Batalla de Puebla of 1862.
  4. Mexico owed the French a lot of money, and during Benito Juarez's presidency he refused to pay his debt.
  5. As a result, on May 5th French military men, ill equipped were sent by Napoleon III, to force Mexico to pay their debts. Long story short the French were defeated by the small army of Puebla.
  6. This was a HUGE win for Mexico, after losing during the Mexican-American war, and half of their territory, Mexico was still feeling the loss.
  7. This win however against the French Army instilled a huge amount of pride and nationalism in the people.
  8. So, while you're downing shots, and shoving tacos in your face, feel free to share the history.
  9. 🎉