I don't cry much but when I do, it's over an animal.
  1. Elephant
    I love love elephants and the first time I saw one I shamelessly cried and everyone knew I was in love with them so they were all like "are you really crying......wow."
  2. Turtle
    I was in El Salvador and my grandma found a turtle on the way back home after getting some eggs from a neighbor. She had always wanted one she so she plucked it and carried it home. The tears came when she put it in a tin pail and it was trying to get out so you could hear it's nails scratching the metal. Then it shit and I was like tears tears tears. She let it go not soon after that.
  3. Dogs
    Again in El Salvador and my grandparents have dogs solely for the protection factor. These dogs were crawling with ticks, it was so bad every time they'd scratched themselves the ticks would fall onto the patio. The patio would have little explosions of blood after we'd step on them. My dad made it his mission to help these dogs. However, these dogs were afraid of water, so washing them just made them so scared they'd cry out so I cried with them.
  4. Turtle
    This was at the Tennessee Aquarium. They have a turtle without a limb, that got hurt by someone's boat propeller (if I'm remembering correctly). I saw him and he looked like he his head was stuck inside a hole and I just was like OMG he is dead he is dying he is stuck and so my sister went and asked to reassure me and they were like ya no the turtles fine. I was like r u sure bc look @ it. And yeah....that was just a weird day.
  5. Fish
    My dad loves to pretend to fish, but one time he actually caught one and he tried releasing it back into the water. However, the hook was too hard to remove from his mouth (???), and I cried. I was little and it made my dad feel bad and so we went home. Strangely I didn't cry over the pet fish I had for 2 days.....but I was upset.
  6. Baby bird
    So these baby birds fell out their nest, my mom had found one and she went back upstairs. So I went inside and I chilled on the steps near the front door. I went back outside to look at the cutie, and my mom is coming down the stairs and screams out "OMG THERES ANOTHER ONE!!" And it was right inside the house right were I had walked to get outside and I was like OMG I KILLED IT ITS DEAD I STEPPED ON IT :,-(( and my mom was like noooooooo it's fine.
  7. Butterfly
    I didn't really see one, but in my Animal Psychology class we would do notecards and write questions that our professor would answer in the beginning of the next class and so I asked, "Do butterflies really die when it rains?" And I can't remember what the response was but I cried.
  8. All I can recall atm