1. Am I crazy?
  2. I see people all the time, people I don't even know but I'll register their face.
  3. I told my friend this and I was just in shock because they very quickly responded with NO.
  4. Like? You're telling me you never see a stranger more than twice? I see familiar strangers all the freaking fucking time.
  5. I once interacted with the same man and he didn't even remember that he did.
    Granted it was in two very different areas after MONTHS but I immediately recognized him and knew I needed to find an out. But like??? I recognized him still it didn't matter that I didn't know him, you know?
  6. There's the guy who seems to not be in college because he's always lounging around campus. He's definitely a familiar stranger.
  7. There's the kid with the glasses who I kid is my boyfriend because I saw him so many times last semester.
  8. It made me feel strange when they immediately dismissed that. It made me feel like it wasn't normal. I feel like it is? It's made me really self-conscious and uncomfortable. Normally, I wouldn't just ignored it but recently I've just been hyper-vigilant and it's starting to put me on edge.
  9. I used to be very fond of coincidences because they were like little surprises, but now I'm suspicious of them.