i took a benadryl
  1. i believed the color pink and the color blue were in a relationship and the color red was intent on breaking them up
  2. i hated the color red
  3. i hated the color red for trying to break up the romance of the decade
  4. i hated it
  5. i'd play with these highlighters one pink and one blue and i'd pretend they were in a relationship and they were in love
  6. and then a red sharpie permanent marker would come and try to get with blue
  7. and blue would be tempted but pink would always fight back
  8. but red never gave up, it always made an appearance always trying to break-up a relationship meant to be
  9. and the irony is that now i love the color red
  10. i love the duality of the color the way it can be passion and fury
  11. i love the way red is bold and daring
  12. red is making a statement it's showing up and being seen, i guess maybe i wish i were more like red
  13. i love what it represents, but i don't know if i will ever be red
  14. i will maybe come close but the longer you look you'll realize i'm mahogany a shade darker, the almost of a color everyone secretly chases after
  15. and maybe i'll learn to love my almost shade of red and maybe someone who is more indigo than blue will learn to love my shade of red and i their shade of blue
  16. no one could deny that they belonged together, because you could see it and you could feel how deeply they loved—it was a love deeper than red, it was a love deeper than anyone had ever seen. it was the romance of the decade.