Inspired by @im_yon who was inspired by a request (edited bc I obvs find all women beautiful and am attracted to all of them)
  1. Shaq
    I don't want to talk about it
  2. Danny DeVito
    read Frank Reynolds
  3. Charles Barkley
    Um that damn accent? I can hear him saying that
  4. Shrek
    Also his human potential is GUAU
  5. Charlie Day/Kelly
    I love him and his naked sewer adventures
  6. Geoffrey Zakarian
    Um idk silver fox?
  7. Marcus Samuelsson
    That hat.....that smooth ass skin
  8. The Hispanic trivago guy
    Um no picture of him exists but if you watch Univision I'm pretty sure you'll catch a glimpse
  9. Hannibal
    I really don't know
  10. Balding Ginobli
    This gif fucked up
  11. Conan
    8ft of goofy
  12. Jus Reign
  13. Zachary Pinoa?
  14. Gabriel Dreyfuss
  15. Um, I feel like this list is a lie but I love them all except for maybe the chopped judges their images r 2 clean and I don't like it (what are they hiding??!?!)
    All these men have a personality r silly and r lowkey kinda gross lol except for maybe the chopped judges they're classy