I am really good at making cool with cute guys in my classes and they always never get my number and I always cry about it on the train ride home. These boys are my reminders to always go for it, because even if nothing blossoms it's always nice to have a good network of people.
  1. The guy in my Critical Thinking
    He sat halfway across the other side of the room and near the end of the semester he would sit next to me, and put eraser shavings on my side of the table. Clearly a boy using old-fashioned ways of flirting and as a result never got my number.
  2. The guy in my Neuroethics
    He's graduating, with a film minor and a journalism major and I would love to have someone with that level of hipster in my phone contacts because he's just too cool.
  3. The guy in my Abnormal Psych
    We make each other laugh, and he better man up and give me his number before this semester ends or I'll die.