Chicago in 4 days

  1. Day 1
    Yum spirit
  2. Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. I was a little upset that we couldn't visit the butterfly exhibit but the reasoning "it's too hot for them," was too cute and thoughtful for me to complain.
  3. A fairly new religion that combines beliefs and traditions from a multitude of other religions.
    Don't quote me on this cause I wrote that based on memory and I'm gonna google and correct because I don't want to misinform.
  4. Devon St. is a road that is like walking into another country. South Indian and Pakistani cuisine run this street and it is absolutely delicious.
  5. The only deep dish I was ever exposed to was Little Caesar's deep dish and this veggie delight absolutely blew my fucking mind.
  6. Ice cream that gave me the shits because I'm lactose intolerant. It was a peanut butter sundae, and the second choice on our ice cream run.
  7. Day 2
  8. Amazing bathroom floor tiles and a really good coconut cream donut that made my life.
  9. We went here after me sister nearly suffered a heat stroke induced by her upset stomach. This was my favorite piece "Leaving Adam" from the exhibition.
  10. Chicago Walgreens are literally the fanciest fucking places. This place was two floors with the second floor resembling the Macy's makeup section. We came here so my sister could pretend try to vomit and not do that. Look at that famous Chicago sign view from this Walgreens, though.
  11. A ramen place that I will literally never forget. I wanted to eat here a second time it was so damn delicious.
  12. Apparently a Chicago must, I got some basic ass flavors (remember I'm lactose intolerant) but my sisters friend for this one flavor that was like a Southern meal in one spoonful. It was sweet cream biscuits & peach jam, a literal masterpiece.
  13. It started pouring after the ramen and ice cream so we sought refuge in this fancy ass Walgreens that used to be a bank. They turned the vault into a vitamin vault, cute.
  14. Day 3
  15. This place was worth the 40 minute wait. We all shared food. It was light and carb-y and sweet. An egg white omelette, a lox bagel, and a Nutella graham cracker s'mores waffle. Delishhhhhhhhhhh.
  16. This piece is called Mona Lupe. It was at Pilsen and area known for its 'Mexican-ness'. It was beautiful to see an area respecting the art produced by both the past and the present. It was also beautiful to know this place exists.
  17. This trip was kind of structured around Coldplay. They had a two concert dates, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was cut short due to rain. On Sunday, we were maybe 10 minutes away from soldier field when the worst storm I've ever seen hit. The wind was so powerful and the lightening was stricking so close.
  18. Thankfully, the rain cleared up and all we missed were the opening acts. Coldplay definitely puts on an incredible show, and I am so happy I got to see them live. They played the classics and it was just amazing.
  19. Day 4
  20. We had the place to ourselves given it was Monday and my sisters friend started her work week. We wandered around the area and got bagels that really hit the spot.
  21. We wandered some more and ended up at this bookstore that was super heavy in zines and writing journals and local artists and writers. It was super refreshing and different. They had a photo booth so my and my sister hopped in.
  22. More shit
  23. A Saved by the Bell pop-up. That is designed to look like the spot in Saved by the Bell.
    We didn't go because I'm still a baby.
  24. So the Chicago Fire bar they be hanging out at is this bar. That's why it says Molly's during the day and Lottie's at night.
  25. #ElUglyMofo :((
  26. Reminded me of Somo for some reason
  27. Impale Trump here
  28. Ok I think I'm done.
  29. I was always really fascinated with Chicago. In high school I was obsessed with UChicago (I never applied). I think my obsession with this city is the easy accessibility of everything as a result of their train system. I loved this city and although New York was on my mind of places I'd want to live I honestly think Chicago took that spot.
    Anyways, hi friends I'm back and I'm better.