I read this and I was like "damn" bc that's how deep this request was thank you for the request!!
  1. To put is succinctly:
  2. You can't objectively look at your life.
  3. Sometimes it's best as an individual to take what someone else has said into consideration. Especially if it's been a suggestion lots of other people have been suggesting.
  4. I feel like when you're asking for someones advice, when you ask more than one person for advice, on something someone else had already given you the same advice for, you, the individual is looking for a reason to not listen. Even though you should.
  5. I think it's always like that. Someone off the cuff, tells a friend they should move on from their past, because to it's obvious to them that you should. But sometimes telling someone something they're not ready to hear can be damaging—it can be hurtful.
  6. I honestly try to look at my life objectively and move ahead in life that way but it's impossible. It's better to have someone else be a reader of your life, to offer suggestions and positive feedback on how best to carry on. In writing, it's better to have someone else read your work and comment on it.
  7. I have always been the advice giver. There are things that always seem obvious to me. Like a couple should break up. A friend should detach themself. A friend should move on. A friend should do what they want instead of what everyone else wants. Obvious things, that aren't so obvious to them.
  8. There's nothing wrong with a little push from someone else. Sometimes they never need it, because if it's something they have to do—if it's something they should do I think they'll get there on their own. Intervention is sometimes needed, but most times everyone finds their way.
  9. Everyone has always known I'd be an English major. I went through 4 majors, some not officially before I settled on English. It was obvious to everyone but me. I'm happy I was able to come to it on my terms, without being influenced by a decision someone else felt was right for me. It is for me, but I'm happy I figured it out for myself.