1. The one where I fell in love with a shark.
  2. The one with multiple sunglasses, my entire extended family, cupcakes, and the boy driving leaving me and me letting him leave.
  3. The one where my fathers side of the family played ultimate frisbee, I was pregnant carrying the Zika virus, a child I didn't know how to care for, sand, and spiders.
  4. The one where I woke up laughing. I cant remember what I found so funny.
  5. The one where my middle school classmate who passed away, was in my dream starting college. I called out his name and ran towards him, but when he turned to look at me it was someone else completely.
  6. The one where I was vacuuming a lot for my sister wedding, a long ass video my sister fast forwarded through, a missing fiancé, a treasure hunt, and a sinking car.
  7. The one where I had the cutest little puppy dog. Me in line at WalMart, had to leave the cutest little puppy dog in the hands of a stranger. Come out stranger and cutest puppy dog are gone. Can't remember puppy dogs name, cue montage of me being the worst pet-owner.
  8. The one where I fucked up my taxes and therefore my FAFSA
  9. The one where I cut my hair. Technically I only cut the front and left the back as it was for the hair salon.
  10. The one where Tobias was a friend and he was talking like Tobias does, Gravity Falls (I've never seen it), my imaginary boyfriend crushing me and my heart exploding (from love).