Hello friends, I'm about to drop some knowledge on you guys.
  1. I live in Georgia. The sweet old peach state, one of 13 original colonies.
  2. It's a great state, and where I live it's so incredibly diverse, and there are so many wonderful kind people who live here.
  3. There is however one problem.
    There always is.
  4. There may be many, but this is one that really effects friends, students, those who are looking to further their education.
  5. Education is very important to me, and at a very young age my parents instilled in me the importance of a secondary education.
  6. So, of course when senior year rolled around, I was busy applying for colleges, applying for FAFSA, and scholarships.
  7. However, many of my friend weren't. Not that the didn't want to they just couldn't.
  8. In 2011, the Georgia Board of Regents passed two new policies that were to take effect immediately.
  9. Policy 4.1.6
    Which bans undocumented student from attending and applying to the top 5 universities in Georgia. Including: Georgia College and State University, Georgia Regents University, Georgia State University, The University of Georgia, and The Georgia Institute of Technology.
  10. Policy 4.3.4
    Which stipulates that any undocumented student who does apply to any other University in Georgian is required to pay out of state tuition.
  11. "Georgia is the only state in the country to ban students both from select universities and from in-state tuition"
  12. Therefore, FU, Freedom University is born.
  13. I went to their Winter soirée to signal the end of another semester at Freedom University and Dr. Laura Emiko Soltis said
    "it's both beautiful and ugly that Freedom U will be celebrating its fifth year since opening its doors in 2011. Beautiful because students have found a safe place to receive an education. Ugly because five years later, these policies are still in effect." (She said something along these lines, the way she said it, it was way more poetic.)
  14. Freedom University gave one of my smartest and closest friends the opportunity to show her smarts and talents to top schools across the nation. She is now at Dartmouth with a scholarship.
  15. Freedom University has 3 students from my high school, and many more who are fighting to receive the education they deserve, it is after all a basic human right.
  16. And if you are feeling gracious you can help provide the necessary materials they need, given that their students pay no tuition and depend solely on donations from people kind enough to support the cause.
  17. Remember, this is a safe place and rude unnecessary comments will not be tolerated ✨
  18. Here's a link to their Facebook page:
  19. To those who took the time to read this, thank you. To those who took the time to like their Facebook page, thank you. To those gracious enough to donate, thank you.