1. Family secrets are incredibly delicate. However, there are some families who go an entire lifetime not knowing the secrets everyone whispers about long after that family has made their appearance and has shut their front doors.
  2. The one with a voice like Morgan Freeman
    This family may have accidentally found out about the son he was paying child support for when they were moving, but they have yet to find out about the other one, his daughter.
  3. The Player
    He has had two mistresses die, and his wife who he refuses to divorce lives unaware of the multitude of woman he's cheated on her with. His 'otra' who now stands by his side at all family functions is unaware of the son and daughter he had with la otra before her. He had promised her the world. This woman, a believer of promises, choose to leave after he demanded a paternity test. She left with her dignity and his two children.
  4. El Que No Sabe
    The boy riddled with medical conditions abandoned by his mother was picked up by a woman who was trying and failing to have another child. She has raised this boy as her own and has given her son the best medical and educational help. Meanwhile her son lives happily, deafened by the love his family gives him.
  5. It makes me wonder what secrets are whispered about me and my family. There are bound to be some, no?