Requested by Anuhea


Thanks for the suggestion @anuhea! I was going to link all of them, and I had but then I deleted them bc I was like is it gonna link :/ haaa oops!
  1. Beautiful Liar-Beyoncé/Shakira
    This music video fucked me up when I first saw it. I will never get over this.
  2. I need a forest fire ft. Bon Iver- James Blake
    Um.......this is just great because this song is amazing and the play with light and shadows is great.
  3. The less I know the better- Tame Impala
  4. Señorita-Vince Staples
    The commentary....!!!!
  5. Alright-Kendrick Lamar
    There are no words.
  6. L$D-A$AP Rocky
    Enter the Void was an inspiration for this music video
  7. Brain Cells-Chance the Rapper
    Chance 3 dropping soon so.....
  8. Damn, Gravity-Okay Kaya
    She's amazing and I'm waiting for an album.
  9. Strawberry Fields Forever-La Santa Cecillan
    🍓🍓 Beautiful beautiful, ft. Commentary.
  10. Everything Childish Gambino
    Sober, 3005, Sweatpants.....
  11. Beyoncé's entire project.