1. it wild how we see puerto rican's with their flags and it's like yo u think they're puerto rican and then u think about the gag law when it was illegal for them to fly the puerto rican flag and its like ok that's fucked up
    and then u think about how puerto rican's have no congressional representation or right to vote in federal elections and it's like yo! what that's about! and then u remeber AMERICA! And our colonialist white supremasict power structure and it's like nice 😋😋😋
  2. u: how r u? me: remember buddy valastro of tlc's cake boss was on food networks challenge and all he did way bake round cakes, decorate them, and place them on what looked like a quineiñera cake with the connecting stands and was eliminated because all he did was bake, decorate, and place cakes on a stand.
    Then not long afterwords or who knows how much later he got his own show because we was making outlandish cakes? like do you think that was the moment buddy was like damn, i gotta stray from the traditional and embrace this new outlandish, over-the-top, form of cake decorating? or do you think he was accepted for challenge before his show's go-ahead was greenlignted and tf couldn't accept any $ from a different network? but idk i'm fine schools been stressful but like what new u know ha
  3. hey guys i'm just here to tell you i won't have a job this summer i've only been out of class a couple days and already feelin sad af! i won't be seeing y'all next semester tho bc i'm gonna be AWOL anyways anyone of y'all got 8000$ u can give me. not lend. not in this economy amirite haaa ok cool i'll update yall next year 😘
  4. I can't wait ruin a company with my newbie mistakes and when they try to fire my ass ima point 2 the mandated trump portrait in all buildings & be like bitxh i wish u motherfuckin would‬
    im new to this ok ? there's a learning curve and i'm still figuring it out ok?