1. To those who follow me on twitter remember around Thanksgiving it seemed like my entire ass family was going through a fuck ass crisis?
  2. sooooooo my tio who is the baby on my dads side showed up at our house super skinny super weak around october that initiated this huge family crisis bc we thought my tios cancer came back
  3. sooooooooo we had already planned my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary to texas and my tio couldn't go cause he said he was sick............
  4. soooo we left to texas w/o my tio and on thanksgiving day the whole side of my dads family (my tia and her son, my two other tios (+his baby mama and daughter, and my grandparents) drove out the GA.
  5. sooooooooo my tio spent the entire time they were here knocked the fuck out in our living room just slumped asleep
  6. Cut to: all of us crying in the dark thinking my tio's days were numbered, like OD it was so bad.
  7. CUT TO our family leaving, our tio moving into our place: um,..,..........fast forward a whole bunch we start to realize he lied about his illness to gain sympathy and money. he isn't sick he's on.....some type of drug
  8. CUT TO: My mother finding crystal the day we dropped him off at a random ass Subway and him still not having returned
    which is why i asked about the criminal record arrest record database thing.
  9. like this isn't new behavior honestly but the fact that he had us all so emotionally fucked, and him not even giving af blows my mind
  10. abwyassss
  11. i've finished my oxford app but UGA is absolute trash and hasnt replied to my email asking if the last document i submitted will be received in time
  12. so i'm gonna finish up my nottingham application fuck uga honestly and fuck me for always doing shit so late
  13. also i've realized i think i'm smart. i'm dumb as hell yall and it's kind of a relief. like i'm dumb no more trying to act like a smart ass bitxh. i blame being put in gifted and accelerated classes at such a young age. i'm starting to think my mom forced them to test me for gifted lowkey.
  14. um.......what else, i'm not a talented writer i should've done something with marketing honestly fuck me tbh o well i'm still enjoying writing and stuff it's just i'm feeling like i'm so unskilled and unprepared for the real world.
  15. i'm 12 years old acting like an almost 21 year old. i need to grow up and stop acting like shits gonna get handed to me because i want it like fuck
  16. i'm really bad at being proactive. i'm good at painting a picture of togetherness and acting like i got my shit together fun fact: i don't.
  17. ok i might be done o my acne acting up and the 2 self esteems i had left are dead
  18. Static