This is long I'm sorry, I'm really bored and I want to engage with people
  1. I'm trying to fill the empty void of loneliness by making friends
  2. Mind you I am very bad at sustaining friendships
  3. So we'll hit it off really f******ucking strong and out of NOWHERE you'll be like "oh shit, I haven't heard from *me* in a while"
  4. Anyways, I feel like there is a reason for this but I won't get into it
  5. I will first open the doors of friendship by sharing some much needed information about me, because I have been withholding that information for some time :/))))))
  6. Anyways here go
  7. I'm tiny, I made the cheerleading team in high school and for a day in college because of my height
    I didn't even try out. I didn't have to.
  8. I was raised on Arthur and Cyberchase which is why I am such an upstanding rational thinker and moral person. Also explains my lack of character and motivation. THANKS! Public Broadcasting!!
  9. I hide under my sisters shadow
    Even though I am the favorite, it's weird.
  10. I'm 20, my birthday is being redacted bc I'm a Taurus.
    Also can someone tell me all the extra stuff that come with my astrology sign. Like what is moon rising?
  11. I'm in college ~~~~~ I'll be a junior this coming semester at Georiga State, and also I'm from Georgia.
  12. It's weird, I've been raised in Georgia, born in Texas, and I look Middle Eastern, but really I'm a Latina with some serious ~~eyebrows~~~
  13. I'm first generation hurray for caring on with the American Dream. There's a HONY dude who said something about this that I will never forget because it resonated with me so much
    I'm gonna find it (I found it and sorry for the pic of a computer screen)
  14. I have a sister who downplays her accomplishments and is literally the most amazing person ever because she is blind to her accomplishments.
    We're five years apart
  15. I have a mother (I'm no alien). She is a constant in my life and will always be. Great hair, with a personality that shifts when in public (she's a chameleon).
  16. I have a father (woah). So incredibly supportive and the most amazing human being with amazing human teeth.
  17. Probably maybe some secret brothers and sisters I don't know about. Idk, for some reason I don't believe in people's abilities to be monogamous, because I have trust issues.
  18. I have trust issues.
  19. I'm majoring in English with a minor in Spanish.
    I hate when people ask bc they're like "u Alredii spek it" and I'm like Haaaaaa
  20. My humor is dry
  21. I look uninterested and bored half the time. That's just my face.
  22. My laugh is more welcoming than my face.
  23. I enjoy talking with people. But it usually all depends on my mood. I'll either be in the mood to actually divulge into some fake deep discussion or just hammer the mundane. It all depends.
  24. Boy to girl friend ratio is uber fucked up so I'm trying to make more girl friends because we really are gr8. I'm just afraid to develop friendships with meaning and it's easier to not do that with boys tbh lol
  25. I've never been in a relationship and it's weird to some people but I use it to "share something deep and interpersonal" with people so they'll open up to me. :/ im the worst.
  26. I seem a lot older than I am, even tho I'm 2 feet tall. I look a lot younger than I am because I'm two feet tall.
  27. I hate blue anything.
  28. I hate taylor swift.
  29. I am recently obsessed with Haruki Murakami
  30. I wanted to be a gymnast, actress, singer, writer, and firefighter when I was little.
  31. I wrote a lot as a child but then the INTERNET came and ruined that, but I've rediscovered my love writing thanks to a lot of late night introspection.
  32. Um.......hey my name is Catharine and I go by Catharuin because Catharine is in my opinion a trash garbage name, but it will become a household name someday but I doubt it bc it's so trash garbage.
  33. Anyways hit me up, but really this is trying to open up a discussion with y'all because I feel like talking, but in this case it's typing. :)
  34. I seem like the always ironic doesn't take anything serious, and I am but that's not always the case.
  35. Questions?
  37. Concerns?