#faff #FakeAssFalconFan
  1. it all started
    with a dream
  2. i didn't initially want to get into details about the dream because i was afraid if i talked about it it would manifest into reality
    i was going to type it up in notes, but instead i wrote an essay i know i'm 🚮
  3. so instead whenever someone mentioned talking about watching the super bowl or being excited about the super bowl i'd immediately comment with, "i'm not watching it."
    which was always met with tf? type looks and i wouldn't explain myself but it was all because of this dream i had
  4. i dreamt i was at the super bowl.
    obvi as the tweet about states
  5. i was in houston, and i remember my sister standing next to me.
  6. i was mad uncomfortable. i felt wrong being there cheering on a team i hadn't watched play all season. i was uncomfortable because i felt like a jinx. i spent the entire game with either my head in my lap, my hands covering my face, or turned completely away from the field.
  7. i knew though that the falcons were winning, my sister being a fan was all cheers. something happened, a jump in time and the game was over but the atmosphere was completely different. it was that defeated type atmosphere. it was the eerily quiet atmosphere which was immensely different from the original vibe and energy of the game.
  8. i saw the score board as we were shuffling out the stadium and the pats had somehow won it. i asked my sister how it happened and she mentions how the falcons were winning the whole game but the pats won it. i was confused
  9. AND SO! i woke up like damn.....falcons really bout to lose? i woke up like damn i really can't watch the super bowl then cause i'll just jinx the damn thing
  10. i told myself i'd take one for the team and not watch the last game of the falcons season.
  11. um...that didn't happen. i tried really hard not to watch the game i sat at the dinner table and colored on my tablet
    like i tried y'all
  12. i really tried not to watch his game. it felt so wrong because it was all so familiar and i just sorry y'all.
  13. i'm sorry atlanta i couldn't stay away from the wings, the guac, or the pigs in a blanket. :((( i knowingly brought the brotherhood down and im so sorry. we'll get it next 50 yrs :(( thankfully i'll be dead by then and there'll be no way i can jinx it ✨✨