or what the request button would be like if we treated like DM's
  1. Request a persons kik
  2. Request noodz and be really gross and creepy about it
  3. Request a like for the last list you just published
  4. Request that they delete the last list they published because it offends you
    The list in question is about soap
  5. Request a 'more better' profile picture to be used than the one they are using
    What do you look like? How bout mind ya business?????
  6. Request that they aren't as good at making lists as they think they are
    They are actually gr8 and you're just jealous :/
  7. Request that they delete their profile
    Bc ur sad and bored
  8. Request someone to post a pic of their body
    ex: ear lobes, finger knuckles, backs of knees
  9. Request someone to unfollow you
    Because they're too mean/offensive/honest/good/real
  10. Request someone asking them why they unfollowed you
    After telling them that they should
  11. Request that you'll follow them if they'll follow you back
    After you told them to unfollow you and that you will never follow them back
  12. Request that you'll follow them back if they like your last 3 lists
    They will and you won't
  13. Request them to comment 'first' on the next list you publish
    so that you'll seem important
  14. Request 50$ off their next purchase from an obscure weight loss supplement
  15. Request them with an apology for your last request because you 'got hacked'
    You've been clicking on those hot singles in your area ads again, huh? When will you learn?
  16. Request someone asking them to stop requesting because you can't deal with so much attention all at once
    Because your heart is not cut out for that much love and attention, because no one has ever cared that much.