I am tra$h. Another really embarrassing list about my imaginary boyfriend. @srikala12001 this is list # I can legally drink alcohol now in the states! And FYI: I texted and he replied so 🤓, I'm still tra$h.
  1. Scroll though your messages
  2. Text him
  3. Hello
  4. What up
  5. I wanna go ice skating
  6. I hate being home
  7. Let's make out
  8. Like really
  9. Or are you and your ex back together
  10. I don't think so cause you liked my profile pic
  11. So
  12. ????
  13. You down?
  14. Only a suggestion
    Really me trying to motivate myself 2 text him but.......I'm really not in the mood???? But I am???? But I'm not.