a novela i never got into as a child bc my parents made me think novelas were stupid but turns out they're stupid bc novelas r güd. also spoilers? doubt any of y'all care anyways lol
  1. peter
    has to deal with the colluchi family bullshit has a limp prob doesn't get paid enough
  2. alma rey's driver
    i can't remember his name it's a fake ass french name mumbles incoherent words that are supposed to be french? spanish? idk all i know is he doesn't get paid enough
  3. mocoso
    um the most mexican kid forgot his actual name did nothing expect get mixed up in some shit bc of someone else's fuck up
  4. teo
    stutters does no body no harm 🤔(i feel like he in la logia but idk) probably the only age appropriate actor, fainted when one of the professors thought he was having sex
  5. tomas
    f!ck! assholes "best friend" fell in love the moment i saw him, looks good w/ a black eye, doesn't get enough screen time
  6. profesor de ética
    forgot his name, only sane adult person, balances out the bullshit but prob gonna get fired for letting his dick talk
  7. nico
    jewish no idea what this detail is going to add to the overall plot of this show but they keep alluding to it???? mad nosy for no reason at all
  8. giovanni
    only be starting shit, shady ass liar, be gettin his roots touched up between shots and it's mad irritating like......bruh.........
  9. pascual
    walter white of novelas lol jk but he starts off good and now he's breaking bad, the schools director....
  10. miguel arango
    lookin 4 revenge piece of shit dated a girl to get close to another girl, fallin for the girl he pinned down @ the edge of cliff like.....adios
  11. diego bustamente
    shit, trash, the absolute worse, can't deal with the magnitude of problems he creates so he calls daddy, like i'm so confused in everything he chooses to do
  12. fernando colluchi
    he's bad i know it sus af an elite man prob killed his wife idk
  13. señor bustamente
    epitome of CORRUPT works in government has lots of power got a man sent to jail bc his shit son got beat for being dumb as f!ck
  14. two shit heads always trying to look under the girls very short skirts that always get slapped
    trash 🚮