1. i was at one of my sisters sorority/fraternity events
  2. .......
  3. ........
  4. ..........
  5. i was brushing my teeth trying to ignore the sharp pain i was feeling in my bottom right molars
  6. i started to floss when all of a sudden one of my molars just falls apart. i'm in shock and i look closer at my teeth on the mirror and i see that the majority of my back right molars are grey
  7. the one that first fell out and fell apart was grey and the inside was black—already dead
  8. i kept flossing when i realized it was beginning to spread to my top right molars. a chunk of one of my vampire teeth falls off and i tell myself it's fine that it still looks relatively normal
  9. this all happened before the event and i tell myself it's fine my front teeth—the ones you see when i smile still look fine
  10. i go to the event and people are talking and i see there are girls within the frat and i'm jealous because i wanted to do that
  11. i tell them that's awesome and i wish i would've gone to their probate
  12. the older bros tell me i should've just done it, i tell them ya oh well
  13. i walk into the event which is really my just my high schools old gymnasium
  14. i'm looking for a place to sit and i'm using my tongue and sticking into the holes where my teeth used to be
  15. i sit at one of the tables and i start to discretely stick my finger into my mouth, counting the ones that still exist when all of a sudden a molar from my the bottom left break into four pieces
  16. i pull it out my mouth and i just look at the pieces in my hand. it wasn't grey yet but the inside was already black
  17. i leave and walk out the gym with my broken tooth in my right hand
  18. i run into the restroom and spit out whatever blood pooled in my mouth into the porcelain sink, i study my dead tooth and throw it into the sink
  19. i'm crying and my mom appears and she tells me it's ok everything going to be fine
  20. i smile and my front teeth are still intact and i believe her and i tell myself everything's fine everything's ok
  21. i wake up and my teeth ache