2. I never check my bank statements bc I'm like "ignorance is bliss, right?"
  3. so.....recently I've been using my card like I'm some 'i have an inheritance' ass I only like in gentrified áreas type bitxh for real
  4. and before I found out about my broke ass I sent a text to this guy "my no money havin ass doesn't understand the question"
    after he said what about credit? And I was like we talking about fictional psychic prices why you trying to confuse me
  5. So anyways this winter break I need to get me like two jobs so I can work one in the morning and one in the afternoons or something
  6. But ain't no body ever hire me so........
  7. .......
    Who is this guy? This is the second gif I've seen of him today?
  8. AnywYsssss
  9. My mom told me I had 56$ in my bank account lol
  10. Giphy
    Yo YOU gotta add the image before you can add the text? Man........