Wonderful list idea I probably took too seriously thanks for requesting it @marissarae
  1. As of right now I am a student. It's the only job I am concerning myself with right now. Education is incredibly important in my household and a lot of the time I forget that there a many many people in many different parts of the country and the world that don't have access to or aren't granted access to education. I am incredibly grateful,
    because there are many who aren't. (I'm going to plug my old F.U. list concerning my home state Georgia and it's problematic policies towards undocumented students here: F.U.
  2. I'm happy with this job even though it sucks and it's exhausting and it's stressful I am so happy with this job title I have and will continue to have for 2 more years. I'm good with this and to whatever my future job is, I hope it's something I can talk about with such joy it disgusts everyone.