1. The one where the person quit their job and they mentioned how it felt like getting the x-ray dentist bid taken off
    I am still laughing about that, I even wrote something about that
  2. The one where the girl was going in on how to accurately spell WHOA
    And I thought about the li.st I wrote spelled absolutely wrong........woahhhh, which honestly I can't believe which I felt triggered her into making that li.st tbh
  3. The one about favorite birds
    I revisit constantly because I think about the BOWER BIRD A LOT
  4. The one where she's really mad about apostrophe usage, and I was like booooooyas I'm out here like does this li.st title need one or not idk but you right about the apostrophe thing bc I NEED HELP
  5. The one where Bourdain is afraid of Switzerland
    Like???? Amazing
  6. The one where Dana becomes pen-pals with the dude from bumble who fit the exact type of man she didn't need, divorced? And I forgot which astrology sign but I was just like amazed at that entire conversation
  7. The one where homeboy created the writers club and I was so excited to join and there was very little activity within my writers group and I was sad for 5 yrs, bc I tried REALLY hard to get everyone active and writing
  8. The one where the lady talked about how she was "the mad black women" at cvs one day because the manager was following her around asking what she was doing. And she questioned whether saying anything was worth it but she was so tired of managers bullshit but she was well aware that saying something would perpetuate the "mad black woman" stereotype
    Honestly, like no words for this li.st. I think she deleted??? Or maybe she just isn't active idk omg