1. So My friend is celebrating her b-day
  2. And she's having a thing at her apartment
  3. I wasn't gonna go originally because I have a doctors apt. Tomorrow but that got canceled????
  4. So I was like ok I guess I'll go
  5. And i had invited my friend earlier today to come with me and they were like mmmmmm
  6. So then THEY texted me like I'm still considering
  7. I was like I'm definitely going
  8. So they were like 🤔 ok I'm going
  9. So I'm excited for that
  10. Butttttttttt
  11. There's finna be hella alcohol and I don't drink
  12. I'm driving so I guess there's my excuse
  13. But like I'm really like down to dance and that's really the only reason I'm going
  14. I REALLLLLLLLY WANNA DANCE & I really wanna get my mind off this semester off this hella fucking political whatever the fuck and I really think I deserve it
  15. I've been on my shit this semester and honestly I deserve a night off a night of fun a night of slight carelessness
  16. Like let me for a second turn off how fucking anal I am about everything
  17. Also let me have some fun mom
  18. Also please don't ask me to drink cause I will probably make you uncomfortable for asking when I say no lol
  19. Just dance with meeeeeeeeeee
  20. Sorry for this I just really needed to get this off my booty chest
    Not sorry
  21. :///// my non drinking ass just really wants to dance soooooooo everyone if they try to hand me a drink is just gonna have to deal with that lol