These are just the ones I'd write in consistently. I have so many other regular notebooks, that oddly always start backwards filled with daily happenings and thoughts.
  1. This I will consider my first. I'll look through it from time to time and it makes me laugh. It's me basically recounting my long boring days filled with tv and outings to the mall.
    First entry: 10-14-06, Pencil. I talk about going to a customers home to get a payment. Going to a model town home to get "water", or honest interest in buying the home. I thought it was for the free snacks. Last Entry: 2/5/07, pencil. I talk about a phone call with my dad, he was in Texas at the time helping my Tios open their restaurant. I wrote down what he said before I passed the phone to my sister "okay monuchita ay te ablo mas noche."
  2. Started immediately after the Fashion Cat Diary. I started saying more adding even more of my own commentary to events and stuff.
    First entry: February 6, 3007, Pencil. I talk about elementary school drama between my BFF and her nemesis. I went to Walmart and got pens, read Ida B, and anxiously waited for 8:00 to watch American Idol. Last entry: 5/22/07, Pencil. It was my fifth grade graduation and I felt beautiful. I said that twice. (That made me tear up). I was awarded lots of things but my favorite was the MOST LIKELY TO SCREAM AWARD, because it was made specially for me. I didn't cry, even though I felt like it.
  3. Skipped middle school. We did have friend journals, where we'd each have a day with it. But I don't know who has those, or if they even kept them. I did have graph paper legal pad, but it wasn't really a thing.
  4. This journal (at this point they're journals not diaries) given to my by my sister on my birthday, year 2010, the summer before my freshman year of high school.
    First entry: Sunday November 28, 2010, Black ink. "change be coming. CHANGE WILL BR AH-COMING. That's it. Change bitch and its coming, it's coming real hard." Interesting word choice. Last entry: Friday, September 28, yellow marker (Why?? It's gonna be very difficult trying to decipher this). "Like I seriously hate everything about myself & it seriously doesn't surprise me..." That explains the yellow ink, and that's as far as I'll read.
  5. This really started as a sketchbook, art and crafts type thing. That later turned into me writing. This was sophomore year, which was in my opinion, my best year.
    First entry: December "25" 2011, which makes sense because the boy that randomly kissed me and continued do so once said "Can we make out now," and I tired drawing it out. The entry has my 12 wishes for the New Year. Mainly me taking risks, opening myself up, and forgiving those who hurt me. Last entry: July 21st (basically). A lot is going on here. A lot of self-hate. Me realizing and knowing what it is that will help, and me talking myself up to get the courage to ask my parents for that help.
  6. The only reminder of my junior year, the pitfall of my peeking sophomore year.
    Nothing is dated, pick and gold on the outside but everything on the inside is so dark and twisted and sad. It's sad, it's really sad.
  7. Summer of going into my Senior year, still pretty dark with a lot of lists of things I had to do, that I knew would get me out of my Junior Year Funk. (It helped)
    First entry: Thursday July 25th, Miami. I was at the airport, waiting. I mention how I know the little girl whom I can't see is eating Cheesy Doritos, because of the distinct smell of cheesy Doritos. Last entry: "Its Christmas-Christmas Eve still the 24th cause we haven't slept into the 25th but the 25th because it's past 12 o'clock." I quote John Mayer's song "you can't make yourself stop dreaming who your dreaming of if its who you love" I kept dreaming about these boys, dumb boys.
  8. Got it because of the elephants on the front. There's no real attachment with this journal or any of the ones that follow. All the entries are written in black, expect for two mishaps (blue and red).
    First entry: January 1st, 2014. I do remember writing this during a commercial break. My sister had said to me "It's okay to feel." I go into how I struggled with how to respond. Saying its not ok to feel, that feeling only leads to bad things, but then I go into how it's important to feel, and share them. And that friends are the key, "I want to 'feel' again. I want to be willing to be a friend to those who have been a friend to me."
  9. Commentary from The Elephant Journal continued..
    Last entry: July 9th. I talk about how that day was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! It was pretty eventful reading it. I people watched at Starbucks and listened in on a man talking to his sponsor (he was struggling with getting past Step 9). I mention how Emma came to see me and she talks about possible birthday plans (take note this comes up later). The last sentence is "today has been the best day and tomorrow won't compare but a good day regardless!" How different from Day 1 of 2014.
  10. This journal was a Graduation gift from the girlfriend of the boy who kissed me from the Red Rose journal. Not a huge fan of this journal. I didn't like the pages, didn't write in it daily, and it ends weird.
    First entry: (No date, red ink), but I remember it was the night after going to my friend Emma's birthday party. I say the world tired a lot. I wrote 2 poems, I wrote 5 pages front and back. I talk about wanting to move on from people I "don't hate, we just don't relate." Easing off social media because of its distraction from more important things (reading, writing, people). Last entry: (no date, red ink, 1 page) It's about a boy. Lame.
  11. My current one!! My mom thrifted it for me and I liked it only cause of the cover (DOGS!!) but when I first wrote in it the pages were so smooth and the pen was just gliding, I fell in love.
    First entry: (no date, black ink, end of September¿) I talk a lot about my dreams of being a writer and changing my major from Neuroscience to English. I talk about picking Neuroscience because it's fascinating and a moneymaker. Though, I also talk about how it won't fulfill me, but English will. I apologize to my parents, but I reassure them that "writing, that English has always been my major. That writing, I will find a way to live off of. It will not be easy, but it will bring me great joy."
  12. This is my daily haps journal, my traveling journal, my stuffed inside my purse journal. I capture the ends of people's sentences and the quotes I read from books.
    No dates, no boundaries. Just words.
  13. Here they all are. A full collective of the daily (with some holes) life of Catharuin featuring her thoughts and feelings.
    This was fun and exhausting. Journals are my life, I have so many in a box under my bed waiting to be used!