This isn't entirely THAT list
  1. This is Messi
    Yes? Arguably the greatest player in the world. However, this isn't THAT list.
  2. THIS Messi
    The sleeve?
  3. THIS Messi
    The beard?
  4. THIS Messi
    The hair?
  5. This is NOT the Messi I have created in my head. This is so out of character for the Messi in my head.
  6. Honestly, when I first saw and heard about Messi's sleeve I was so confused. I was literally like Messi? MESSI CON TATÚATES????? WAH!
  7. The closest way I can describe the Messi from my mind is like Niall from One Direction. This weird out of character kid who does what he does because he wants to be liked, and fit in.
    Sorry Niallers or whatever
  8. Therefore, the Messi I know, as in the Messi I have mentally constructed, would NEVER do any of the things he has done.
  9. I am not at all against it, though. I am ALL for it. It's just the Messi from my head was this loser kid who was bullied throughout his teenage years who found solace in futbol. He then proved all his haters wrong by becoming the Messi we know today as "el major jugador del mundo."
    Like, this is Messi's backstory!! This is Messi's backstory as I have scripted it. This probably isn't at all on point, but it IS the story I have crafted that gave Messi character. However, this fake ass backstory does not fit the Messi I am looking at today. Like!?
  10. To help forge an understanding as to how this fabricated backstory was created, here are Messi's looks throughout his career.
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. Like? This guy was not all at bullied throughout his teenage years. This guy, THIS Messi is the greatest player in the world.
    Reminder: I'm a fake sorts fan. Also, this definitely turned into THAT list. Sorry.
  18. Like? Ok!
  19. Giphy
    This gol was so amazing I just had to add it.