or boys that are interested in me or boys i'm pretending are interested in me bc it helps feed my ego
  1. noah
    u smoke i honestly didn't think i would ever be like gross no i don't like this person because of x, but here you are. you reek dude
  2. josh
    i met you at an event and you literally ran after me handed me your phone with shaking hands and my ugly ass had never ever been so fucking flattered
  3. chris
    u r old and i want you to be my dad/older brother and i want you to like me so bad but u already fucking stopped texting me good morning so this ship as fucking sailed
  4. chris
    you are my favorite person in the whole world bc we just connect we get each other and you r so chill i want to hang with you so we can talk but u live 29 light years away
  5. eric
    you're not my boyfriend yet but you made the conscious decision to sit next to me in class the other day and even tho you have been planted by the producers that run my reality to show life i'm still gonna fall for it bc i am INTRIGUED
  6. aaron
    you have great hair, a great face, and i definitely stared at you too long and we made eye contact so i know u know i'm watching u
  7. trevor
    u hate me and we use each other for work but you r the caramelo man i have always wanted and will never have
  8. eddie
    i'm using you so i won't have to go to a concert by myself fight me
  9. kid who sits next to eddie
    i forgot your name!! but you have such soft features and genuine eyes !!
  10. brandon
    fuck how could i forget you've been a semester boyfriend of mine before!!!!!! we saw each other and we talked today!!!!!! i need you to hmu on fb get my number and be my friend!!!!!!!
  11. i can't make the first move y'all sorry i'm trash but i can't be the first person to be all vulnerable and shit like i'm sorry i have commitment/trash issues ok!????? and even after they make the first move is still won't let my guard down bc i'm actually so fucking guarded
  12. :(
  13. like? :( someone make a HOW TO LET UR GUARD DOWN AND LET URSELF BE LOVED and dedicate it to me so i can print it and be inspired to be like ok yes pain is inevitable you can't keep protecting yourself from shit because ur actually missing out on life u dumb idiot sandwich