inspired by all u beautiful wonderful creative people with your beautiful gorgeous ass names
  1. bc catharine is the whitest name in human existence
  2. you know what happens when i google catharine?
  3. that's what happens
  5. my dads assimilating ass really has me all fucked up
  6. like why.
  7. no shade to actual white woman with the name k/catha/erine i love and respect you and your name i just don't give a flying shit about mine
  8. i also go by trasharuin
  9. anyways catharuin came from that one time i wanted a one word twitter handle
  10. i went to school with vietnamese people who had all them pun-ny ass twitter handles and i was pissed
  11. so i brainstormed and thus CATHARUIN WAS BORN!!!
  12. and honestly that feels more me than anything
  13. catharuin says hi!!! nice 2 meet u!!
    look @ how happy!!
  14. anyways i wanna rebrand tho bc my friend introduced me to one of his friends and he said, "and this is catharuin. she ruined my life." and i was like omg i don't know that other person!!!!! they already think i'm the worst (i am) but omg!!!! i have to ease them into that realization you know?
  15. so i'm working on it
  16. like i really do love it bc across all my social media i'm one thing which is amazingggg but also maybe gives people the right...wrong impression lol
  17. also i've done this before but more succinctly