My Old VSCO Cam Account

:o! thought i'd share my over editing!!!!
  1. 23.
    Peachtree Station
  2. 22.
    A poem I found in between the pages of a novel at the thrift store
  3. 21.
  4. 20.
    i have no idea where i took this photo
  5. 19.
  6. 18.
    #contrast #texas
  7. 17.
    #florida #sky
  8. 16.
    my high school english teacher gave it to me after i asked me. he said no at first. but then he said yes.
  9. 15.
  10. 14.
    rain and cloth shoes
  11. 13.
    @ the dr.
  12. 12.
    when i liked collaging (this one is so bad omg) but i made this my senior year of high school when i was rlly rlly rlly sad
  13. 11.
    my abuelitas famous ladrillo and a kitten who probably didn't live after we left
  14. 10.
    on the way to el salvador most likely. a cloud good enough to eat.
  15. 9.
    green! stuff! enjoy it while it lasts folks!
  16. 8.
    previous beach trip in el salvador
  17. 7.
    at least ringlings is dead now. let's not talk about this. but also i cried.
  18. 6.
    ruby falls bitxh
  19. 5.
    i stayed after school one day. my friend was doing a project for a spanish class and she had traditional mexican clothing she and i wore.
  20. 4.
    ugh i captioned this 'come on skinny love' lmao
  21. 3.
    my moms abuelitos house/dog
  22. 2.
    when i tell u i really liked collaging UChicago i ain't no damn lie i thought this was really clever tho
  23. 1.
    lil baby calf 😍