@coconut this is draft list number 4. Quirks doesn't feel like the right title, but that's what it will be and that's what it'll remain.
  1. blue anything
    The mouth just turns into this obscene color and I cannot stand it!!
  2. People who sit on the outside seat during peak train times (3-4)
    Who do you think you are???
  3. I don't like walking over the sidewalks that have the metal part over it.
    I feel like I'll get swallowed into it. Like the monster in the opening scene of monsters inc.
  4. I like number that end with even numbers
    Sometimes I'll make a list just so my published lists will be an even number
  5. I love when numbers add up to 10 anything higher than 20... I'm not a fan
    The last 4 digits of my number is 4691, and I loveeeeee it.