These are my 100% true and real style icons. @combatdavey this is list draft #1, and it's for you. I never got started because the image searching was hard but Charlie Day is an icon, an idol, and an innovator. I've completed it now, because yes.
  1. Charlie Day
  2. Let's get somethings straight.
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    Now that we're all understood, let's get started. Featuring THE DUSTER
  3. The Green Army Jacket
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  4. The Jacket with the Tiger
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  5. The Horse Shirt
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  6. The Grey Long Johns ft. Horse Shirt.
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    That's what those are called right?
  7. The Evil Live Shirt
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  8. The DayMan
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  9. The THIS!
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  10. The Going All American On My Ass, Back
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  11. The Going All American On My Ass, Front
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  12. The There's Not An Extreme Home MakeOver Button For That
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  13. The Grey Long Johns ft. Horse Shirt, again because iconic.
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