I cried when I saw this list request, not in a bad way, a :,-) kind of way. Thank you @gwcoffey for requesting it.
  1. My relationship with the moon, is complicated. She makes me cry, and yet I love her regardless.
    The Moon is taking the she pronoun because of LA Luna in Spanish.
  2. The moon is very thoughtful.
    I had my first (real) kiss under the stars, she wasn't out. I like to think she was giving us some privacy.
  3. The moon is always there.
    My junior year, and I was sitting in the back of my moms car, waiting to pick up my dad and I was silently crying. Crying because I was depressed and I felt alone. I looked up and the moon was full and I had never felt less alone. It was the first time I'd ever experienced that. The moon is always there.
  4. The moon is omniscient
    The moon is always there and the she is always watching. One night, after I had finished watching Before I Disappear, I was laying down refusing to let the tears fall. I looked out my window and caught a glimpse of the moon, peeking into my room. I let the tears fall and I cried. She was there and she was watching and I cried.
  5. The moon is beautiful.
    The moon is beautiful during all her stages, she is most beautiful, in my opinion, when she's full. When we can see all of her. My favorite part is how her beauty can't be captured through cameras on our phone, you have to be there to see how beautiful she is.
  6. The moon is the best part of the night sky and the best surprise during daylight.
    What a beautiful surprise.
  7. The moon is my muse, our sun is her lover, the remaining stars are her children.
  8. That's all for now