I can be artsy, too. Sometimes. (High school me had lots of time, college me makes no time)
  1. Write one word over and over
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    Phony, appropriate given Catcher is my favorite book.
  2. Close your eyes. Connect the dots from memory.
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    My first attempt at collaging.
  3. Pick up the journal without your hands
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    I love everything about this, except the 'try today' part.
  4. Chew on this. Do not Swallow.
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    ft. a list
  5. Color outside the Lines
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    How many Nursery Rhymes do you see here? Hint: there's 7 of them.
  6. Press leaves and other found things
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    "Sometimes a masterwork hangs in a museum. Other times it hangs from the branch of a tree or rounds out a slender stem."
  7. This page is a sign. What do you want it to say?
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    "Tell me something even if it's a lie." This was significant at the time, but I can't remember it's significance.