i posted something just now i thought why not revive that and actually share my shitty musings w/ y'all
  1. What it Takes
    not entirely factual. just me taking things further from the truth but none the less fun to rework. (this is the one i just shared w/ the internet). last because it's not a part of my 2016 musings.
  2. Silence
    wow bitxh. couldn't even come up with something original for your first post, straight up copied and pasted a list. ok
  3. Uncertainty
    ok so my cousin really pissed me off with his facebook posts celebrating 45 and shit so i was like lemme vomit onto this here blog and link it to him when i finish. i never did haaa. it was like writing a letter and never sending it honestly. all over the place.
  4. Full Disclosure
    um so all over the place again but it was a time when i was feeling really insecure about my lack of friends and my past friendships and how insincere they really were and how being alone that whole summer really fucked up my return to ~college~
  5. Boys are Sharks or A Conversation
    um the dream was real the conversation wasn't. i listed about the dream lmao and honestly not over that damn dream.
  6. We the People
    i wrote this after pulse happened i'm really happy with a couple of the lines in here. i was watching a lot of button poetry at the time so it's best read aloud to yourself. or at least do you can hear the 'puh' of ur lips. at the time the numbers weren't clear so that's off.