1. ...do you believe me?
  2. I just wanna know. Do you believe me?
  3. Why?
  4. No seriously, why do you believe me?
  5. Because why?
  6. You can't just keep saying because, eventfully you'll have to answer.
  7. Why won't you answer? Do you not trust me?
  8. If you trust me then why can't you tell me?
  9. Afraid of.....
  10. You're crazy you know that? I love you. I'm not going to intentionally try to hurt---
  11. Maybe we'll break-up, that's for the future, how about now? What are your feelings about this moment?
  12. .....
  13. You don't know?
  14. I love you, that's what I know. Why are you so afra--
  15. You just said you were
  16. I told you because it's how I feel. If you don't feel the same----
  17. Oh.... Well........ I guess.....I---
  18. Yeah, no sure I'll take you home.