Engl 3180
  1. Alright so let me preface by saying I am no way asking you to do this.
  2. This is only if you want too.
  3. This is only is you are willing and able to part with the books I am asking for.
  4. For one of the classes I am taking this semester that finally have something to do with my English major (!!!)
  5. I've looked for them at my public library online and only two are available? I feel like it's just a digital library but I'm nowhere near the ebooks?
    Like???? I don't know I probably have to go to my library and check their catalogue
  6. Anyways, if you are willing and able to part ways with one of your books I will be so very much appreciated because I'm broke and my parents are tight with money but they don't want to tell me. But I know, I just know.
  7. Of course, this is only if and only if you are willing
  8. In the Gloaming, Alice Elliot Dark
  9. Triangle Ray, John Holman
    This is my professors book, so I doubt any of y'all will actually own it
  10. The rise and fall of the scandamerican domestic, Christopher merkner
  11. Hunger, Elise Blackwell
  12. Driving the King, Ravi Howard
  13. These are the only ones I couldn't find through my public library? But I feel like they should be? Anyways.....id be more than willing to pay whatever shipping costs you have to deal with as a result.
  14. If anyone is able to please feel free to contact me through the request and I am more than grateful if you do. Of course this is not at all something you have to do, but it is only if you are able to and willing.
  15. Is this whack? This seems really whack.