1. i have always been drawn to art and the arts
  2. and i have just managed to realize that as a creative writer i am about to join this circle of art and artists
  3. i'm an artist or at least on a journey of becoming one
  4. it's strange to me for some reason i have never seen writing as art i've always seen it as being a writer
  5. idk but recently i've been less secure in my ability as a writer bc i'm realizing i've never really written a story before the start of this semester
  6. so now i just feel like a bad writer i feel like maybe this isn't my calling and i just hyped myself up for nothing
  7. i probably shouldn't be comparing myself to the stories we've read and i do take note in what they do but now i'm not sure i could ever reach that mastery of language
  8. i know i'm just getting started but now my confidence is wavering
  9. .-. figuring your life out is THE WORST