I lost my phone on a day I was having the most amazing day of my entire life. You are more than welcome to skip to the end to see the ending to the very long and terrible story :-)
  1. It was Tuesday, I woke up at 5:50 like I do every Tuesday to get to me 8 am
  2. I got to my 8 am dropped my phone a couple times and I thought mmmmm not good
  3. My class ended and I went to the library to read and charge my phone
  4. I took a nap
    I did not read
  5. I texted my friend after my phone completely charged.m
  6. I was headed to go wait for my friend and I ran into my imaginary boyfriend!!!
    We hung out he talked about my sport shirt and had so much fun being in each other's company (for me anyways)
  7. I donated $25 to the Human Rights Campaign
  8. I waited for my friend and ran into my old mentor
  9. I saw my friend and we headed out
  10. I saw another friend
    I had a vanilla chai and I was feeling invincible
  11. People were texting me
    They never do that!!
  12. I sat in a class about the American Prison System
  13. I left that class and went a sat out and had a nice conversation with my friend
  14. During this talk I saw the guy I went to Athens with
  15. After this talk I saw my imaginary film boyfriend!
    He is so handsome and gave me that cute little hand in the sleeves of his sweater wave
  16. I went to the restroom
  17. I went to my 2:30 class to see my other fake boyfriend
  18. I told my 2:30 fake boyfriend that I was having an incredible day
    He was not :/
  19. Halfway in the class I realized I had no idea where my phone was
  20. I left the class to look for my phone in the restroom
    It was not there
  21. I asked a cleaning lady if she had found a phone
    She had not
  22. At the end of class my 2:30 fake boyfriend helped my look
  23. He said "let's retrace your steps"
    We did and we did not find it
  24. I reluctantly went home
  25. I got home talked bout my incredible day to my sister and mom
    As I did I opened up a word document on my laptop and in huge font wrote "I LODT MY PHONE :)" to my sister
  26. She pooped her pants
  27. She helped my track my phone
    It was in a Cafe near campus, a path I didn't take that day
  28. We ate and I told my mom we were going downtown she asked me why and I told her "if tell her when we got back"
    She surprisingly took that as a valid response to her question.
  29. By this point my phone was in the Student Center
  30. We got to campus and my sister wanted me to contact the campus police so that if there was any sort of altercation they'd be there
  31. I contacted them, they arrived 10 minutes later even though they were parked across the street from me
  32. We headed over to the Student Center and we did not find it
    We sounded the alarm and we did not find it
  33. Whoever had my phone turned it off
    I filed a police report
  34. I left the student center and met up with my sister
    We were leaving when my phone was turned back on and still in the student center
  35. We went back to find it
    We didn't find it
  36. They turned off the phone
    We cried
  37. The phone was turned back on and pinging at Grady
  38. We were confused and too scared to her over because it was already late and that area is known for its large gathering of homeless folk
  39. We cried
  40. We sat in the car and my sister called friends who could potentially join us on this very exhausting adventure
  41. The friend she was calling answered!!!!
    We were overjoyed and he said he'd meet with us
  42. He was a great force to have he was very nice very determined to get my phone back safe and sound
  43. The night guard the hospital was also very nice and very understanding
    I was getting glimpses of hope I was thinking maybe just maybe I'd get my phone back and be the cherry on top to what was such a good day
  44. We searched in and around the hospital
  45. We never found my phone and I still had to tell my parents
  46. We left the hospital because we looked everywhere we where cleared to enter.
  47. I still had to tell my parents. The drive home was long and tiring
  48. We got home and my parents were asleep. I was spared a long and exhausting conversation over my irresponsibility
  49. Anyways I never found my phone and it continued to ping at the hospital and it could very well still be there hiding in plain sight.
  50. Long story short, I see the beautiful stories listed here of people losing their phones and people doing the right thing and turning them in, but some people don't do the right thing, and instead toss phones in the backs of a hospitals.
  51. :(((((((((
  52. The end.