Street Stickers I've Stolen

here is a shitty collection of stickers, i don't know why i started but i seem to enjoy it
  1. The one that started it all
  2. Feather and Bones
    I think I can't remember if that's what it means exactly. I remember I saw one with the actual words and being intrigued because it wasn't as literal.
  3. One of the McPoyle brothers and a movie ticket stub?
    It's from London has Fallen and I don't recall ever going to see that movie? Why I put them together I don't really know?
  4. From when me and the fam walked the Belt Line
    Badgammon! Is what's written underneath the Drugs are cool! guy.
  5. From that same day
    I really just wanted the pixelated heart but the one on top was hard to get off. @ NathanInDoubtArt is what's written underneath the one I didn't really want.
  6. Pretty fond of the one of the bottom left.
  7. HRC!
    I cheated this is actually mine.
  8. It's so pretty!
  9. These are from my trip to Chicago.
  10. I love both of these so much.
    I have been trying to steal this bottom one for like 3 years and I was finally able to peel it off. I was so happy.
  11. Because this is how I feel whenever I try stealing a sticker.
    I'm really trying to steal a Klepto sticker bc ~~~irony~~~~
  12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Tha purple turtle
    It's melting :,-(
  14. Old school type shit
    their tag name is moper and i love them
  15. fake wood wallpaper