i'm split i told myself i wasn't gonna talk about this until i actually did it but i'm really conflicted about what to do
  1. should i study abroad to the university of nottingham next semester through my school OR
  2. study abroad to oxford university tHru UGA
    i'd have to apply as a transient student and get accepted and so idk y'all
  3. i'm just choosing nottingham cause it's easier to apply to but i'm applying for scholarships rn and i paused bc im like oxford tho like i can't get those scholarships to go to oxford if i use it to got to nottingham u know? but also i'm like oxford is gonna be hard no?
    i ain't no intellectual type but having that on a resume would look so good lmao
  4. i'm sorry for being so annoying as of late but like any comments i guess or any words of guidance
  5. Idk if this is helpful or nah but I go to UGA and I know people on the Oxford study abroad and I've heard really good things about the program! (idk what their majors are.) I've also heard its rly challenging but in a good way.
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  6. Can you apply for both and let fate decide?
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  7. Static
    I recently got this advice from @hillary79, maybe it'll help.
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